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Fishing Forecast Services

Fishing forecast services are innovative businesses that use ocean and coastal data to fill a niche in major U.S. fishing zones. Because labor and fuel cost a premium, commercial and tournament fishers improve their chances of success by knowing where fishing conditions are promising. Third-party forecasters analyze our data to create timely products and services used directly by fishers. 

Roffer's Ocean Fishing Forecasting Service (ROFFS), which is based in Florida, estimates NCEI’s data add $500,000 a year to the business. Using NCEI and other NOAA data, ROFFS creates a daily map, waypoints, and a summary of near-real-time fishing conditions with user instructions on how to interpret the information. ROFFS charges users a fee for these detailed analyses that can guide fishers to temperature breaks, ocean water color changes, surface currents, and other conditions where fish may gather.

Case Study

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