Joint Archive for Shipboard ADCP

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Online Inventory and Data Retrieval

This data gateway allows users to
  1. Download individual data sets in high resolution as
    NetCDF files. (Click here for instructions)
    CODAS binary block files. (Click here for instructions)
  2. Download the JASADCP standard subsets in ASCII text or NetCDF format.
    Click here for instructions.
  3. Use the Interactive Map below to retrieve JASADCP data sets
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Did not find SADCP data of your interest?

If the SAC_ID has not yet been archived at NCEI, then please contact JASADCP. Updates to the NCEI posterity archive from the JASADCP are made biannually. The most recent update to NCEI was made in 2017-10. Sonar-cruise sets received at the JASADCP after 2017-10 can be made available upon request.

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