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Temperature climatological fields (ASCII files)

The World Ocean Atlas 2018 (WOA18) climatologies were calculated using all temperature data from the World Ocean Database (WOD). The temperature objectively analyzed mean data can be downloaded as an individual file or a compressed file of all climatological fields and related statistics.
The WOA documentation includes information on downloading and reading the data.

Analyzed mean fields at 1° grid

All fields woa18_t_decav_1.00_ascii.tar.gz (0.7 GB) Annual Seasonal Monthly

File naming conventions: [V][TT][FF][GG].[EXT]
[V] - variable
[TT] - time period
[FF] - field type
[GG] - grid (01- 1°)
[EXT] - file extention

t00an01.dat.gz t13an01.dat.gz - Winter
t14an01.dat.gz - Spring
t15an01.dat.gz - Summer
t16an01.dat.gz - Autumn
t01an01.dat.gz - January
t02an01.dat.gz - February
t03an01.dat.gz - March
t04an01.dat.gz - April
t05an01.dat.gz - May
t06an01.dat.gz - June
t07an01.dat.gz - July
t08an01.dat.gz - August
t09an01.dat.gz - September
t10an01.dat.gz - October
t11an01.dat.gz - November
t12an01.dat.gz - December