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CO2 Moorings and Time Series Project

Time Series: CARIACO Station (Position: 10° 30'N 64° 40'W)

Platform/Vessel Country Location/Area Type of Measurements Dates of Operation Frequency PI(s) Measurements in database Data Project Link
Time Series: CARIACO (Position: 10° 30'N 64° 40'W) USA-Venezuela Caribbean Sea Time Series, Water column core measurements up to 1310 m, including carbon measurements 11/08/1995-07/29/2015 1/month Laura Lorenzoni, Frank Muller-Karger/ University of South Florida, USA CTDTMP, CTDSAL, SALNTY, OXYGEN, NITRAT, NITRIT, PHSPHT, SILCAT, TCARBN, ALKALI, FCO2, PH_TOT, PH_TMP, POC, PON, DOC, TOC, NH4, SIGMA_THETA, TPP, PIP, DON, DOP Data

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