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Time Series: Stokksnes (ST5)

Platform/Vessel Country Location/Area Type of Measurements Dates of Operation Frequency PI(s) Measurements in database Data Project Link
R/Vs Arni Fridriksson and Bjarni Saemundsson Time Series: Stokksnes (ST5) 2012-2022 Iceland East of the Reykjanes Ridge, North Atlantic Ocean Time Series from 2012-05-23 to 2022-08-22 1-2/year Sólveig Rósa Ólafsdóttir, Alice Benoit-Cattin, Magnus Danielsen / Marine and Freshwater Research Institute, Skúlagata 4, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland CTDPRS, DEPTH, CTDTMP, SALNTY, OXYGEN, PHSPHT, SILCAT, NO3+NO2, TCARBN, ALKALI Data files

Last modified: 2023-04-11T16:00:25Z