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Mooring Data Viewer

Click on one of the buoy icons to see a pop up window, which will take you to the data access page.

The mooring data till 2017 are also available in a combined package. Please check out the NDP-97.

Please note the percentage oxygen (%O2) data that are currently reported with CO2 is a diagnostic measurement made by the MAPCO2 system and is not a high quality, standard seawater O2 measurement. The oxygen measurement is made in the equilibrated air. Chances are oxygen does not come to complete equilibrium so any rapid changes in oxygen are not properly captured using this system. Therefore, please use the oxygen data only as a qualitative sense of the biology. It is not a quantitative measure. Papa and KEO are exceptions to that where Steve Emerson reports standard O2 measurements.

For questions about the mooring data, please consult with Dr. Adrienne Sutton (NOAA/PMEL).

Last modified: 2022-04-04T20:45:16Z