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OCADSAccess DataNDP-080NDP-080 - Table 4

Table 4

Principal investigators and senior at-sea personnel responsible for WOCE measurement programs during Indian Ocean CO2 survey cruises.

Program Responsible personnel (Institution)
CTD/Rosette James Swift (SIO/ODF), John Toole (WHOI), Frank Delahoyde (SIO/ODF), Carl Mattson (SIO/ODF), Marshall Swartz (WHOI), Laura Goepfert (WHOI)
Bottle oxygen James Swift (SIO/ODF), John Toole (WHOI), George Knapp (WHOI), John Boaz (SIO/ODF)
Bottle salts James Swift (SIO/ODF), John Toole (WHOI), George Knapp (WHOI)
Nutrients Louis Gordon (OSU), James Swift (SIO/ODF), Marie-Claude Beaupre (ODF), Joe Jennings (OSU)
CFCs John Bullister (PMEL), Rana Fine (RSMAS), William Smethie (LDEO), Mark Warner (UW), Ray Weiss (SIO), Kevin Sullivan (RSMAS), Frederick A. Van Woy (SIO)
He/Tr William Jenkins (WHOI), Peter Schlosser (LDEO), Zafer Top (RSMAS), Peter Landry (WHOI)
14C Robert Key (PU)
ADCP Teri Chereskin (SIO), Peter Hacker (UH), Eric Firing (UH), Mike Kosro (OSU)
TCO2, TALK See Table 5
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