Ocean Carbon Data System (OCADS)
(formerly CDIAC-Oceans)

The Ocean Carbon Data System (OCADS) is a data management project located within the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) in Silver Spring, Maryland. It contains all the CDIAC-Oceans data and serves all functions of the former CDIAC-oceans including dissemination of all newly acquired ocean carbon data. OCADS was established in February 2017.

Mission Statement

OCADS is responsible for hosting and providing access for ocean carbon data collected from around the world, as previously performed by the Oceans component of the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC-Oceans) at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). We aim to make OCADS a customer-centric data management entity and try to listen to the community to provide stellar customer support as was done at CDIAC. We value the importance of putting all ocean carbon data into one repository and welcome data submissions from around the world.

Data and services previously provided by CDIAC-Oceans

All CDIAC-Oceans data sets, including bottle, underway, coastal, time series and moorings, have been archived at NCEI. CDIAC-Oceans' historical metadata pages will converted to a new presentation template (see NCEI Accession 0161619, for example). The data are served from NCEI's archive data access services. We plan to preserve CDIAC-Oceans DOIs and transfer their ownership to NOAA. All CDIAC-Oceans web pages including cruise information pages, NDPs, other publications (such as Guide to Best Practices, Dicksons CRM batches information table, and others), etc., are now available from the OCADS website.

Please refer to the Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information.


We are working with NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) to develop a user-friendly metadata entry interface for data providers to input their metadata and upload their data files. The new system is scheduled to be functional by the end of FY2018. Until then, please use the OCADS Submission Form to input your metadata. To ensure a smooth transition, metadata in the old OME format will continue to be accepted.

The CDIAC-Oceans data discovery system has been replaced by the NCEI Ocean Carbon and Acidification Data Portal. Any DOI or EXPOCODE that was issued by CDIAC-Oceans for a data set can still be used to search the Portal to locate that data set.

Thank you for your patience during the transition. We hope to provide better service by putting ocean carbon data into a long-term archive, creating stable data citations, and using terms from controlled vocabularies to improve discoverability. Our goal is to build an ocean carbon data service that is driven by the users and at the same time meets all U.S. Government data management requirements. We look forward to working with you for your future ocean carbon data management needs.

Contact Us

OCADS values your input! If you have comments or suggestions about OCADS data management, or want to learn more about how to submit or access ocean carbon data, please feel free to contact us.


OCADS Group: noaa.ocads@noaa.gov
Alex Kozyr: alex.kozyr@noaa.gov


Alex Kozyr: +1-865-216-4499

Write to us:

NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information
1315 East-West Hwy
Silver Spring, MD 20910


Funding for the OCADS project comes from NOAA/NCEI, NOAA/CPO/Ocean Observing and Monitoring Division (OOMD), NOAA/Ocean Acidification Program (OAP), and NASA.

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