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About Crossover_Toolbox

This set of m-files was created and developed during the secondary quality control of the CARINA data set.

This package allows users to perform consistency control (or secondary quality control) of hydrographic data using crossover analysis. The package also includes MATLAB routines to read the merged CARINA data files. Crossover location refers to cruise tracks that cross each other, or at least come close to each other. For each crossover, comparisons of the parameter concentrations were made in the deep part of the water column, normally > 1500 meters depth. The result of each crossover is an offset and a standard deviation of the offset. These offsets (and their uncertainty) were used to generate a set of corrections for each cruise with a set of least square models (inversions). Using the results from the inversion, the analyst can derive a set of adjustments that should (could) be applied to the data in order to make the dataset internally consistent. For more information, see Tanhua et al. (and references therein) in the CARINA special issue in Earth Systems Science Data, 2009 (in preparation).

For more information, please refer to the PDF file included in this package.


Download the zip directory and place the file(s) in a location that Matlab can see (or add the location of the file(s) to Matlab's search path). You will also need to have m-map installed on your system (available at See the attached pdf to get started.


  • Tanhua, T., 2009. MATLAB program developed for secondary quality control of hydrographic data. Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
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