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Footnote br

brSee Anadón and Estrada 2002; Garcia et al. 2002.

Anadón, R. and M. Estrada. 2002. The FRUELA cruises. A carbon flux study in the productive areas of the Antarctic Peninsula (December 1995-February 1996). Deep-Sea Res. II, 49(4-5):567-583.

Garcia, M.A. C.G. Castro, A.F. Ríos, M.D. Doval, G. Rosón, D. gomis and O. López. 2002. Water masses and distribution of physicoo-chemical properties in the Western Bransfield Strait and Gerlache Strait during austral summer 1995/96. Deep-Sea Res. II, 49(4-5):595-602.

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