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Table 9. Summary of metadata for cruises with pH measurements

Cruise Method Temp. (°C) Calibrationa Principal investigator Remarksb
A05c Potentiometric 25 Yes Rios OK
A5R Spectroscopic 25 Yes Millero OK
A06 Potentiometric d d d No
A07 Potentiometric d d d No
A14 Potentiometric 15e Yes Rios Noe
A16N Spectroscopic 20 Yes Millero OK
A16S Potentiometric 25 No Millero No
A17Ce Potentiometric 15e Noe Rios Noe
A20f Potentiometric 25 Yes Millero/Sabine No
A22f Potentiometric 25 Yes Millero Sabine No
A24f Potentiometric 25 Yes Millero/Sabine No

aYes = pH values are normalized by using certified reference materials (CRMs) calibrated on shore. No = pH values were not referenced to CRMs.

bRecommendation of Kitack Lee and Frank Millero whether pH is reliable for crossover analysis and internal consistency. OK = recommended, No = not recommended.

cMeasured on the National Bureau of Standards (NBS) scale at 15°C but reported at 25°C seawater scale by principal investigator (A. Rios).


eReported on the NBS scale.

fNot deemed reliable (Millero, personal communication).

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