Gridded Carbon Fields

One of our primary goals is to make the global carbon data available to the general community in a useful format as soon as possible. Using standard objective mapping techniques we have generated 3-D Indian Ocean gridded fields of TCO2, alkalinity, anthropogenic CO2, CFCs, and Bomb 14C. These data can be accessed from this Web site in Data & Data Visualization Tools, using the Ferret based Live Access Server (LAS). The LAS allows the users to generate sections and maps on-the-fly via the World Wide Web. They can also download the entire data set or any sub-set they choose in one of several different formats. Details of the assembly of gridded products will be published in:

Key, R.M., A. Kozyr, C.L. Sabine, K. Lee, R. Wanninkhof, J. Bullister, R.A. Feely, F. Millero, C. Mordy, T.-H. Peng. 2004. A global ocean carbon climatology: Results from GLODAP. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, Vol. 18, GB4031.

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