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coef_tco2.dat (File 8)

This file provides the coefficients a, b, c, and d used to calculate TCO2 from the T, apparent oxygen utilization (AOU), and S. Each line of the file contains a longitude, latitude, offset coefficient a (below MLD), T coefficient b (below MLD), AOU coefficient c (below 1000 m), and S coefficient d (below MLD). The file is sorted by longitude and latitude and can be read by using the following FORTRAN 77 code [contained in coef_tco2.for (File 3)]:

REAL lon, lat, coefa, coefb, coefc, coefd read (1, 10, end=999) lon, lat, coefa, coefb, coefc, coefd 10 format (F6.1, 1X, F6.1, 2X, F11.4, 1X, F11.5, 1X, F12.6, 1 1X, F11.5)

Stated in tabular form, the contents include the following:

Variable Variable type Variable width Starting column Ending column
lon Numeric 6 1 6
lat Numeric 6 8 13
coefa Numeric 11 16 26
coefb Numeric 11 28 38
coefc Numeric 12 40 51
coefd Numeric 11 53 63

The variables are defined as follows:

lon  -  is the longitude for which coefficients were calculated;
lat  -  is the latitude for which coefficients were calculated;
coefa  -  is the offset coefficient a (for depths below MLD);
coefb  -  is the T coefficient b (for depths below MLD);
coefc  -  is the AOU coefficient c (for depths below MLD; and
coefd  -  is the S coefficient d (for depths below MLD).
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