OCADSAccess DataNDP-076NDP-076 - tco2_*.dat (Files 15-19)

tco2_*.dat (Files 15-19)

These files provide the interpolated TCO2 fields calculated annually and for each quarter (tco2_ann.dat, tco2_djf.dat, tco2_mam.dat, tco2_jja.dat, and tco2_son.dat). The files are sorted by longitude and latitude and can be read by using the following FORTRAN 77 code [contained in tco2dat.for (File 6)]:

REAL lon, lat, dep, mld, trco2, tmp, aou, sal read (1, 10, end=999) lon, lat, dep, mld, trco2, tmp, 1 aou, sal 10 format (F7.1, 1X, F6.1, 1X, F7.1, 1X, F7.1, 1X, F9.1, 1 1X, F7.3, 1X, F7.3, 1X, F7.3)

Stated in tabular form, the contents include the following:

Variable Variable type Variable width Starting column Ending column
lon Numeric 7 1 7
lat Numeric 6 9 14
dep Numeric 7 16 22
mld Numeric 7 24 30
tco2 Numeric 9 32 40
tmp Numeric 7 42 48
aou Numeric 7 50 56
sal Numeric 7 58 64

The variables are defined as follows:

lon  -  is the longitude for which TCO2 was calculated;
lat  -  is the latitude for which TCO2 was calculated;
dep  -  is the depth for which TCO2 was calculated (m);
mld  -  is the maximum layer depth (m);
talk  -  is the total carbon dioxide (µmol/kg);
tmp  -  is the temperature (°C);
aou  -  is the apparent oxygen utilization (µmol/kg); and
sal  -  is the salinity.
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