OCADSAccess DataAtlantic Ocean water mass fraction estimates based on GLODAPv2 Atlantic database (NCEI Accession 0225455), NDP-107

NDP-107 (2021)

NCEI Accession 0225455, NDP-107 Data and Documentation Files

Atlantic Ocean water mass fraction estimates based on GLODAPv2 Atlantic database (NCEI Accession 0225455)

Mian Liu1,2, Toste Tanhua1

Prepared by Alex Kozyr3

1GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Marine Biogeochemistry, Chemical Oceanography Düsternbrooker Weg 20, 24105 Kiel, Germany;
2College of Ocean and Earth Sciences, Xiamen University, Xiamen, 361005, China;
3National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Silver Spring, MD, USA.



This NCEI accession contains estimates of water mass contributions to the GLODAPv2 Atlantic data. The major water masses in the Atlantic Ocean were characteristics as Source Water Types (SWTs) from their formation areas and map out their distributions. The SWTs are described by six properties taken from the biased adjusted data product GLODAPv2, including both conservative (Temperature and Absolute Salinity) and non-conservative (oxygen, silicate, phosphate and nitrate) properties. The distributions of the water masses are estimated by using the Optimum Multi-parameter (OMP) model and the data are contained in the file that has the same length and order as the GLODAPv2 Atlantic data file. The following water masses were considered: Antarctic Intermediate Water (AAIW), Subarctic Intermediate Water (SAIW) and Mediterranean Water (MW), North Atlantic Deep Water (NADW, divided into its upper and lower components), Labrador Sea Water (LSW), Iceland-Scotland Overflow Water (ISOW), Denmark Strait Overflow Water (DSOW), Antarctic Bottom Water (AABW), North East Atlantic Bottom Water (NEABW), Circumpolar Deep Water (CDW), and Weddell Sea Bottom Water (WSBW).

Please cite this data set as:

Liu, Mian; Tanhua, Toste (2021). Atlantic Ocean water mass fraction estimates based on GLODAPv2 Atlantic database (NCEI Accession 0225455). NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information. Dataset. https://doi.org/10.25921/zfhg-8676.

Please cite the method as:

Liu, M. and Tanhua, T.: Water masses in the Atlantic Ocean: characteristics and distributions, Ocean Sci., 17, 463-486, 2021, doi:10.5194/os-17-463-2021

Dataset description:

The data file contains:
ENACW - East North Atlantic Central Water
WNACW - West North Atlantic Central Water
WSACW - West South Atlantic Central Water
ESACW - East South Atlantic Central Water
AAIW - Antarctic Intermediate Water
SAIW - Subarctic Intermediate Water
MOW - Mediterranean Overflow Water
uNADW - upper North Atlantic Deep Water
lNADW - lower North Atlantic Deep Water
LSW - Labrador Sea Water
ISOW - Iceland-Scotland Overflow Water
DSOW - Denmark Strait Overflow Water
AABW - Antarctic Bottom Water
CDW - Circumpolar Deep Water
WSBW - Weddell See Bottom Water
NEABW - Northeast Atlantic Bottom Water


Olsen, A., Key, R.M., Van Heuven, S., Lauvset, S.K., Velo, A., Lin, X., Schirnick, C., Kozyr, A., Tanhua, T., Hoppema, M., Jutterström, S., Steinfeldt, R., Jeansson, E., Ishii, M., Pérez, F.F., and Suzuki, T. (2016). The Global Ocean Data Analysis Project version 2 (GLODAPv2) – an internally consistent data product for the world ocean. Earth Syst. Sci. Data 8, 297-323.doi 10.5194/essd-8-297-2016
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