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WOCE Section A14

Data Set Name Graphics Research Vessel Place Period Chief Scientist Carbon-related data Contributor Variables in Data Set Data NDP No. Date of Publication
WOCE Section A14/A13
EXPOCODES 35A319950113, 35A3CITHER3/1, 35A319950221 ,35A3CITHER3/2
See map and section plots for A14 or A13 Sections R/V L'Atalante Atlantic ocean A14: 01/13/-02/16/1995; A13: 02/21-04/02/1995 Herle Mercier / LPO Doug Wallace/Univ. of Kiel; Aida Rios/ CSIC CTDTMP, SALNTY, OXYGEN, SILCAT, NITRAT, PHSPHT, CFC-11, TCARBN, ALKALI, PH_NBS, PH_TMP, TRITUM, HELIUM, DELHE3, NEON, THETA Data files


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