OCADSSubmit Data

Steps to submit ocean carbon data to OCADS NCEI

  1. Prepare your metadata

    Please download the Metadata submission form and fill out your metadata information into the spreadsheet (Column C).
    • If you need help with a specific metadata element, please refer to the Instructions file. You can use the help reference numbers in Column D of the submission form as a key to find their definitions in the Instructions file.
    • We encourage you to fill out as much information as possible, although only those marked with red are required. If a section does not apply to you, you can ignore the section entirely, even though some of its elements are marked red.
    • The main component of the template is the "variable metadata section" (check out Row #199-211 for an example). Here, a variable refers to a measured/derived property only. For example, temperature, pH, oxygen are variables. In comparison, date, longitude, latitude, depth, bottle number, quality flags, standard deviations, etc. are not considered independent variables and there is no need to create separate sections for them.
    • Please avoid using special characters, e.g., μ, ±, ℃, etc. wherever possible.
    To have a smooth transition, OCADS will continue to accept metadata files in the OME format in the foreseeable future.
  2. Prepare your data files

    No specific file format is required. We recommend using ASCII character encoding (e.g., comma-separated values, or CSV) or NetCDF file format. Please avoid the use of commercial proprietary data file formats.

    Please follow the below data templates (feel free to add or remove variables as needed) as much as you can:
    We recommend to use CCHDO parameters and WOCE quality control flags whenever possible.
  3. When ready, send your metadata and data files to NCEI

    If your data files are small (less than 20MB), feel free to send them to us in an email. Please send your e-mail message to nodc.dataofficer@noaa.gov and cc noaa.ocads@noaa.gov. Please indicate that this is an OCADS data set in the email. If you are submitting multiple data sets, please send out one email for each submission, and be sure to use different email subject lines.

    If your data files are too big to be sent as email attachments, please contact Alex Kozyr - NOAA Affiliate or Liqing JIANG - NOAA Affiliate for more options

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