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Use this page to navigate the Paleoenvironmental Standard Terms (PaST) thesaurus and discover information about terms such as definitions, relations, and vocabulary hierarchies.

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Search parameters can be used to find data files in selected studies for bundling in two different ways:

  • File Match: Only data files which match your search parameters will be included, regardless of matches on other data files in the same study. This is the narrower search option.
  • Study Match: All data files will be included from each selected study where any data file matches your search parameters. This is the broader search option.

"Metadata Only" will create a download containing only json files with information about the matched studies and no actual data files.

When Neotoma or PANGAEA studies are included in a selection, only study-level metadata can be downloaded.

The NOAA/World Data Center Paleoclimatology data search includes a "Data Download" option, which when selected will create a compressed zip file of the data meeting your search criteria, with some exceptions. Data held by our partners NEOTOMA and PANGAEA, as well as external links to Software and Data Repositories, will not be included in the data download. To obtain these data it will still be necessary to follow the individual data links presented in search results. In addition, NOAA/WDC Paleoclimatology has chosen to exempt some data sets from the bundling process because they generate large numbers of files when the "by Study" option is selected. These data sets will also need to be downloaded by following the individual data links in the search results. The NOAA/WDC Paleoclimatology data sets exempted from bundling are Studies containing hundreds of individual locations, i.e. gridded drought data products, the borehole temperature database, CLIMAP18k, LDEO CaCO3 database, and the Global Charcoal database.