Basemap Choices



National Geographic


Common Data Overlays

Navigating the map:

  • Click on to toggle auto zoom.
  • Click on to toggle the identify function.
  • Mouse scroll forward or use + key to zoom in.
  • Mouse scroll backward or use - key to zoom out.


  • Selecting multiple search criteria will search data using 'AND' operator.
  • Multiple selections within a field will search data using 'OR' operator.
  • To close a drop down box just click off of it.
  • To clear all search terms, un-check all selections (Can click on 'Select All' twice if available), clear any dates, and then click 'Search'
  • If you click on a date in one of the date selectors and nothing happens it is because the date is out of range. Try selecting a date within 2014-08-09 / 2014-08-19 or 2015-07-27 / 2015-08-05.
Identifying features:
  • The I following a dataset name indicates identify information is available for that dataset.
  • Use to enable the identify function, then single-click on the map where this dataset has been drawn.
  • A popup dialog will appear with additional information about selected feature. If more than one feature has been selected, use the forward and backward arrows in the upper right hand corner of the dialog box to move through selected features.

You currently have no additional data drawn on the map.

As you add data to the map, they will be listed in this panel.

You may use this panel to remove any data added to the map. You can also go back to the "Add Data" tab to remove data.

If your map becomes unresponsive or just plain messy, hit the "reload" button to start over.