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2017 NOAA Satellite Conference

Image highlighting 2017 NOAA Satellite Conference on July 17–20, 2017
Courtesy of NOAA

Join us for the 2017 NOAA Satellite Conference on July 17–20, 2017, at The City College of New York to get a firsthand understanding of NOAA’s environmental satellite programs. The conference will provide opportunities to build sustainable partnerships and frame new pathways to science, technology, and engineering.

Early bird registration for the conference is open until June 17, 2017.

See How NOAA’s Satellites Can Meet Your Data Needs

As NOAA continues to build and launch its next-generation satellite constellations, this conference will feature a variety of information sessions and presentations that will show users how these advanced spacecraft will better meet their needs for environmental data and information. The agenda includes:

  • Discussions and possibilities for improved access and use of NOAA data

  • The reception and application of GOES-16 and JPSS-1 satellite data

  • Status and mission plan updates from international partners

  • Leveraging partnerships between government, private companies, and universities to better utilize big data

The conference will bring together data users and providers from more than three dozen countries. Participants will include representatives from: NOAA, NASA, the Department of Defense, Environment Canada, the European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT), and the hydrometeorological services of countries in North, Central, and South America, the Caribbean, and Asia—all within one venue.

Attend Training Workshops and Breakout Sessions

Various training workshops on the JPSS and GOES-R satellite series will be available as well as GOES Data Collection System training for international users. Registration for these training workshops and breakout sessions is available online.

Showcase Your Projects

Attendees are also invited to showcase the results of their collaborative education and research projects, as well as partnerships among users, scientists, and students at NOAA via multiple poster and presentation opportunities.

All abstracts must be submitted before May 31, 2017. All accepted abstracts considered for the poster presentation will be announced by June 10, 2017.