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Participating in 2020 AGU Fall Meeting

Graphic for AGU 2020 Fall Meeting by AGU
Courtesy of AGU

The work of many NCEI scientists, staff, and affiliates will be presented at the all-virtual 2020 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting. The international meeting, set for December 1-17, 2020, is the premier scientific annual conference of the Earth and space science community.

The AGU Fall Meeting is the largest yearly gathering for thousands of participants worldwide who study diverse subject matter pertaining to Earth and space science. Topics range from space weather and geomagnetism to climate and ocean study. More than 23,000 leaders in academia, government, and the private sector from 113 countries are expected to attend online or hold virtual talks and sessions. Oral and poster presentations as well as panel discussions and town halls will showcase new and relevant research tools and services.

NCEI Town Hall

NCEI takes AGU’s annual gathering as an opportunity to meet with its users and stakeholders, and this year is no exception. We will host a virtual Town Hall on Thursday, December 3, from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. EST. (See public listing.) Registered participants will be able to engage directly with our leadership and scientists. They’ll be able to hear about our data, new products and services, and give us ideas and feedback.

NCEI is working to foster innovative and value-added strategies, including the development of newly integrated products and services that span the science disciplines and enable better data discovery. Our Town Hall will demonstrate the ways NCEI has been working for the public good as the nation’s premier environmental archive.

NCEI Invited Talks

Along with many accepted talks and posters, NCEI will present four invited talks this year. One presentation will highlight the legacy of our long-time tsunami researcher, Paula Kay Dunbar. Another talk focuses on our efforts to build a NOAA-wide community of practice and center to facilitate the use of artificial intelligence to advance the efficiencies and quality of our science. Two other presentations will focus on the importance of the middle solar corona and take a look at the environment in the northern Soviet Union since the dissolution of the USSR.

On Wednesday, Dec. 9, join us for “The Tsunami Science and Preparedness Contributions of Paula Kay Dunbar,” a presentation from 10:40–10:45 a.m. EST, about the significant contributions of the late Dunbar, who was the lead scientist on the Historical Tsunami, Earthquake, and Volcanic Eruptions database, bringing them to their current international status as an authoritative source of tsunami information. 

On Friday, Dec. 11, we will host the talk NOAA's Center for Artificial Intelligence: Experiences, Plans and Status between 10:16–10:20 a.m. EST. NOAA has established a strategic plan designed to accelerate and integrate AI into key NOAA mission areas. The goals are to:

  1. Enhance forecast performance and skills
  2. Increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness in carrying out NOAA missions related to data
  3. Allow for new and innovative ways to exploit NOAA data assets for the benefit of the Nation

Also on Friday, Dec. 11, an invited poster covers Why (And How) We Should Observe the Dynamic Middle Corona. The poster will be available all day. Also on Friday, starting at 1:46 p.m. EST, an invited presentation co-authored by an NCEI affiliate is planned: Looking Forward to 30 Years Since the Disintegration of the USSR: Environmental and Socio-Economic Consequences of Fundamental Institutional Change Amidst Changing Climates.


NCEI scientists and affiliates are contributing to more than 80 sessions, forums, presentations, and posters. In addition to attending the invited talks and Town Hall, follow #AGU20 and #NCEIatAGU on social media for more updates on the AGU Fall Meeting and our contributions to it.

Check out the list of our AGU talks, posters, and presentations to learn more about NCEI’s archives of environmental satellite data and the research we conduct and support.

NCEI Talks, Posters, and Presentations (All times are EST)

Thursday, December 3 (Public Schedule)

Monday, December 7 (Public Schedule)

Tuesday, December 8 (Public Schedule)

Wednesday, December 9 (Public Schedule)

Thursday, December 10 (Public Schedule)

Friday, December 11 (Public Schedule)

Monday, December 14 (Public Schedule)

Tuesday, December 15 (Public Schedule)

Wednesday, December 16 (Public Schedule)

Thursday, December 17 (Public Schedule)

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