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Paleoclimate Discussion List

The Paleoclimate Discussion List is a global forum for paleoclimate researchers and scientists to share research, announcements, and other relevant discussion topics. Discussion is focused on paleoclimatic data from the recent past that is useful to the modern climate community (i.e. Quaternary, especially the Holocene), although discussions of earlier periods are not discouraged.

We're really excited about the popularity of this list and welcome your participation and ideas on how to "cross-pollinate" between the many disciplines and backgrounds in the paleo community.

The list is moderated, and also available as a weekly digest. We encourage vigorous but respectful discussions, and welcome engaging topics.

List Etiquette

Signing Up

To sign up, follow the instructions for subscribing and unsubscribing on the University of Colorado website. Make sure to subscribe to “”.  

Potential Discussion Topics

  • New proxy and historical data availability
  • National and international meetings and symposia
  • National and international programs and program news
  • Funding opportunities
  • Employment opportunities
  • New paleoclimate-related publications
  • Announcements of paleoclimatology or related courses
  • Paleoclimate research initiatives
  • Controversial topics in paleoclimatology
  • Recent reports on paleoclimate research
  • Paleo in the news

Posting Comments or Announcements

To post a message to the list, follow the instructions for sending an email to the list.

The message will be circulated to all members of Paleoclimate-List. Members may respond to posts directly, or share their comments with the entire list.


  1. Do not address personal messages or comments (reply-all) to the entire group. Replying "Yeah, tell me, too!" to the entire list will make you unpopular in a hurry. Double-check your "To:" line before sending.
  2. Don't use the Paleoclimate Discussion List to scold or criticize colleagues.
  3. Do your research before posting a query. Consult with a librarian, the NCEI Paleoclimatology Program, or other relevant resources first, and consult the list when you’ve exhausted other channels. It’s helpful to summarize your research in the query so your colleagues can respond without duplicating your efforts.
  4. Please carefully consider the purpose of the Paleoclimate-List before posting a message. This is a forum of researchers who devote major portions of their work time to the study of paleoclimatology or climate-related issues.
  5. Succinct posts are greatly appreciated.
  6. Refrain from lobbying or promoting particular political policies or agendas. (Federal funding support for this list precludes its use for lobbying).


For questions, concerns, and other issues related to list, contact us at