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SSS Data Quality Monitoring

Sea Surface Salinity (SSS) Data Quality Monitoring Systems (DQMS) calculate the quality assurance descriptive statistics for each Level-2 data file (granule) from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP), the European Space Agency (ESA) Soil Moisture Ocean Salinity (SMOS) and NASA's Aquarius satellites. The DQMS also generates 1.0 degree gridded Level-3 SSS data based on box averages with land/ice mask and quality flag filters at monthly and 3-day temporal resolution for SMOS and monthly and 7-day for Aquarius, including Combined Active-Passive (CAP) algorithm data.

NCEI-Binned Level-3 SSS Data

DQMS Level-3 data improves the application of satellite SSS products in NOAA by minimizing data latency to within 24 hours of Level-2 data availability.  

NASA Aquarius Level-3 Data

NASA SMAP Level-3 Data

ESA SMOS Level-3 Data

Quality Monitoring Figures

Quality monitoring (QM) figures allow users to compare the original and quality flagged granules to gauge the impact of QM measures. These graphics represent descriptive statistics of SSS in each satellite's Level-2 granule (orbit data file) after the quality and land/ice mask flags have been applied. Statistics include total valid observation number, minimum, maximum, mean, standard deviation and total number over 3-sigma edited.


Level-2 V6.22 statistics using roughness models.

NASA Aquarius

Level-2 statistics.


Level-2 statistics.