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Navy Operational Global Atmospheric Prediction System

The Navy Operational Global Atmospheric Prediction System (NOGAPS) provides numerical guidance and products to support a wide range of Navy oceanographic and atmospheric requirements. The forecast model component is the heart of this system and represents a multiyear development effort by the scientists of the Naval Oceanographic and Atmospheric Research Laboratory's Atmospheric Directorate.


NCEI provides access to six-hourly data in GRIB1 format on regularly spaced latitude-longitude grids at 1-degree and one-half-degree resolutions. Vertical resolution varies from 18 to 28 pressure levels, 34 sea level depths, the surface, and other levels. Both atmospheric and ocean model variables are available. More information is available through the Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center (FNMOC).

NOGAPS Analysis

ModelGrid/ScalePeriod of RecordModel CycleOutput TimestepData Access Links
NOGAPS AnalysisGlobal, 0.5º and 1.0º02Jan1997 - 09Dec20084/day: 00, 06, 12, 18UTC+00hr, analysis onlyHTTP

  • nogaps-__yyyymmdd_hhmm_fff.grb
  • nogaps-PPP_GGG_YYYYMMDD_HH00_000.grb
Process (PPP) / Grid (GGG)Descriptionx/y GridLevelsTimeVariables
008 / 240Upper-level atmospherelon-lat 360x1811,2,5hPa, ptopone/fileTMP, HGT, UGRD, VGRD
017 / 240Waves and windslon-lat 360x181surface, otherone/filevarious
028 / 240Current, water tmp, mixed layer depthlon-lat 360x181variousone/fileUOGRD, VOGRD, MIXHT, WTMP
041 / 240Soil type, GPH anom., Br.-Vaisala freq.lon-lat 360x181variousone/fileSOTYP, 5WAVA, BVF2
043 / 240Salinity, water tmp, tmp anom.lon-lat 360x18134 sea depthsone/fileSALTY, WTMP, TMPA
058 / 240Pressure-level and surface datalon-lat 360x18118 pressure, otherone/filevarious
058 / 056Pressure-level and surface datalon-lat 720x36127 pressure, otherone/filevarious
078 / 240Salinity, water tmplon-lat 360x18134 sea depthsone/fileSALTY, WTMP
110 / 240Waves and windslon-lat 360x181surface, otherone/filevarious

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