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Extreme Weather

On This Day: Earth’s Hottest Temperature

August 9, 2018
On July 10, 1913, Greenland Ranch in Death Valley observed the hottest surface air temperature ever recorded on Earth.

On This Day: The Great St. Louis Tornado of 1896

August 21, 2018
What remains the third most deadly tornado in U.S. history struck St. Louis, Missouri, on the afternoon of May 27, 1896.

Preparing with Extreme Weather Information Sheets

September 11, 2018
NCEI maintains NOAA’s Extreme Weather Information Sheets to provide emergency contact information for residents of coastal regions.

On This Day: 2011 Tornado Super Outbreak

August 9, 2018
The April 25–28, 2011 Tornado Super Outbreak caused roughly $11 billion in damages and claimed the lives of an estimated 321 people.

On This Day: The 1993 Storm of the Century

August 9, 2018
In March 1993, the Storm of the Century struck the U.S. East Coast, claiming more than 270 lives and causing billions of dollars in damage.

Value of the Data Case Study: Reinsurance

August 14, 2018
NCEI’s environmental data provide invaluable support to insurance and reinsurance sectors that cover catastrophic weather events.

Climate Change and Extreme Snow in the U.S.

August 14, 2018
Heavy seasonal snow and extreme snowstorms continue to occur with great frequency even though Earth’s climate has warmed.