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World Magnetic Model 2020 Released

December 10, 2019
As part of the regular update cycle of the World Magnetic Model, NCEI has released the WMM2020 in collaboration with the British Geological Survey.

Detecting Solar Features in Real Time

December 3, 2019
A new machine-learning technique by NOAA searches massive amounts of solar data, giving a leg up to timely space weather forecasts.

Modeling Earth’s Geomagnetic Fields

May 30, 2019
Our High Definition Geomagnetic Model (HDGM) provides a clearer picture of Earth’s magnetic field.

World Magnetic Model Out-of-Cycle Release

February 4, 2019
Due to changes in Earth’s magnetic field, NCEI has released an out-of-cycle World Magnetic Model to ensure safe navigation.

Preparing for the Worst

September 19, 2018
Before and after a storm, NCEI scientists work hard at better preparing coastal communities for future tropical cyclones and hurricanes.

What Can the Ocean Floor Tell Us About Tsunamis?

July 26, 2018
Digital elevation models provide a framework for more accurately predicting tsunami impacts in coastal communities and saving lives.

Tracking Changes in Earth’s Magnetic Poles

July 26, 2018
Our Historical Magnetic Declination Map Viewer shows changes in Earth’s magnetic field and geomagnetic poles from 1590 to 2020.

Airport Runway Names Shift with Magnetic Field

August 23, 2018
Earth’s shifting magnetic field affects airports and airline operations, including runway names. NCEI’s World Magnetic Model is a guide.

Hollings Scholars Spend Summer on Research

August 22, 2018
Three NOAA Hollings Scholars spent their summers developing research projects at NCEI.

Navigating Our Planet with Magnetic Models

August 22, 2018
Our scientists have produced the World Magnetic Model and the Enhanced Magnetic Model to help improve magnetic navigation.