Dataset: /thredds/ncss/cdr/isccp_hgh_agg/ISCCP-H_Aggregation_Basic_Gridded_By_Hour_(HGH)_best.ncd ( Dataset Description )

Base Time: 1983-07-31T00:00:00Z

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Variables with Time coordinate time

cldamt = Mean cloud amount
cldamt_ir = Mean IR-cloud amount
cldamt_irmarg = Cloud amount uncertainty (using IR data)
eqheight = Equal-area cell mean topographic height
eqland = Equal-area cell land area
n_day = Number of day-time observations
n_obs = Number of observations
n_orig = Number of original data cells
n_toplev = Number of satellite hierarchy top-level data cells
pc = Mean cloud pressure
pc_ir = Mean IR-cloud pressure
scene = Scene identification
sigma_pc_space = cloud-top pressure (PC) IR-cloud mean standard deviation over space
sigma_pc_time = cloud-top pressure (PC) standard deviation over time
sigma_tau_space = cloud optical depth (TAU) IR-cloud mean standard deviation over space
sigma_tau_time = cloud optical depth (TAU) standard deviation over time
sigma_tc_space = cloud-top temperature (TC) IR-cloud mean standard deviation over space
sigma_tc_time = cloud-top temperature (TC) standard deviation over time
sigma_wp_space = cloud water path (WP) IR-cloud mean standard deviation over space
sigma_wp_time = cloud water path (WP) standard deviation over time
snoice = Mean snow/ice amount
tau = Mean cloud cloud optical depth (TAU)
tau_ir = Mean IR-cloud cloud optical depth (TAU)
tc = Mean cloud temperature
tc_ir = Mean IR-cloud temperature
wp = Mean cloud water path
wp_ir = Mean IR-cloud water path

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