Dataset: /thredds/ncss/ncFC/sat/landcover-RFAREAVEG-fc/Historical_Land-Cover_Change_and_Land-Use_Conversions_Global_Dataset:_RF_AREAVEG_Feature_Collection_best.ncd ( Dataset Description )

Base Time: 1771-01-01T00:00:00Z

Select Variable(s):

Grid_area = Area of Land Grid cells
Mask = Land/Ocean Spatial Mask
Regionmask = The region each land grid point belongs to

Variables with Time coordinate time

BorDNF = Boreal Deciduous Needleleaf Forest
BorENF = Boreal Evergreen Needleleaf Forest
C3crop = Cropland following C3 photosynthetic pathway
C3grass = Grasslands/Steppe following C3 photosynthetic pathway
C3past = Pastureland following C3 photosynthetic pathway
C4crop = Cropland following C4 photosynthetic pathway
C4grass = Grasslands/Steppe following C4 photosynthetic pathway
C4past = Pastureland following C4 photosynthetic pathway
Denseshrub = Dense Shrublands
Desert = Desert
Dominant_type = Dominant land cover type within each land grid cells
Openshrub = Open Shrublands
PdRI = Polar Desert/Rock/Ice
Savanna = Savanna
SecBorDNF = Secondary Boreal Deciduous Needleleaf Forest
SecBorENF = Secondary Boreal Evergreen Needleleaf Forest
SecTmpDBF = Secondary Temperate Deciduous Broadleaf Forest
SecTmpEBF = Secondary Temperate Evergreen Broadleaf Forest
SecTmpENF = Secondary Temperate Evergreen Needleleaf Forest
SecTrpDBF = Secondary Tropical Deciduous Broadleaf Forest
SecTrpEBF = Secondary Tropical Evergreen Broadleaf Forest
TmpDBF = Temperate Deciduous Broadleaf Forest
TmpEBF = Temperate Evergreen Broadleaf Forest
TmpENF = Temperate Evergreen Needleleaf Forest
TrpDBF = Tropical Deciduous Broadleaf Forest
TrpEBF = Tropical Evergreen Broadleaf Forest
Tundra = Tundra
Urban = Urbanland
Water = Water/Rivers (over land grid cells)

Choose Spatial Subset:

Lat/lon subset
Coordinate subset
Bounding box, in decimal degrees (initial extents are approximate):
west east

Disable horizontal subsetting
reset to full extension

Horizontal Stride:

Choose Time Subset:

Time range
Single time

reset to full extension
Add 2D Lat/Lon to file (if needed for CF compliance)

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