Significant SPC Storm Reports

For the month of July, tornadic activity was near normal with a preliminary count of 126 tornadoes. Active weather was seen as far north as the Dakotas and Montana along the Canadian border and as far south as Florida and Texas. While there was a vast area of tornadic activity during the month of July, there were no tornado related fatalities during the month. This makes July the second straight month that no tornado related deaths occurred.

However, there were some dangerous outbreaks that disrupted many lives. The most notable was on July 30th in the mid South, where an unstable upper level air mass interacted with a developing low pressure area. The mixture of the two disturbances created a cluster of thunderstorms with strong rotating updrafts which quickly spawned tornadoes in western Tennessee, eastern Arkansas and northern Mississippi. As many as 10 tornadoes were reported, two of which have been confirmed EF-2 rating by the National Weather Service. More detailed information can be found on the NWS-Memphis Weather Forecast Office website.

Citing This Report

NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information, Monthly Tornadoes Report for July 2009, published online August 2009, retrieved on July 18, 2024 from