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Program Foundation Documents

Functional Requirements
Program Development Plan
Configuration Management Plan

Test and Evaluation Master Plan
National Data Stewardship Team Rounding Advice
Demonstration Phase Evaluation Plan

Site Information Handbook
Program Site Acquisition Plan
Commissioning Plan
Field Site Maintenance Plan
USCRN/USRCRN Data Ingest Functional Specification

CRN Brochure


Metadata Management
Metadata Details (Table)
Metadata Review Handbook

Site Selection Guidance

Site Information Handbook
Site Survey Checklist
Site Identification, Survey & Selection Plan

Data Revisions

Official Algorithm for Precipitation V2.1.1

Weighted Average Precipitation Calculation System V2.0 + 2.1
Official Algorithm for Precipitation V2.1
Fan and Relative Humidity QC Range Changes

Official Algorithm for Precipitation V2.0


USCRN Technical Memorandum USCRN-19-001: An Evaluation of the Use of the Acclima Soil Moisture/Temperature Probe for the U.S. Climate Reference Network (USCRN) as a Replacement for the Existing Hydra Soil Probe
USCRN Data Management Plan - August 2017 (supersedes September 2012 )
Instrument Monitoring
Station Installation/Maintenance