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Tools, documents, and other materials to help you navigate NCEI data and information.

Climate Reports

State of the Climate

A collection of monthly summaries recapping climate-related occurrences on both a global and national scale.

Monthly State of the Climate Summaries



    Educational materials and opportunities for K-12 teachers and parents who want to incorporate STEM and environmental data into classrooms and other learning contexts.

    Education Page

    OneNOAA Science Seminar Series

    The OneNOAA Science Seminar Series is a comprehensive summary of NOAA-hosted, publicly available environmental science and climate seminars. More than forty seminar partners from line offices across NOAA collaborate to make this series possible. 

    To receive updates on new seminars, send an email to with ‘subscribe' in the subject or body, or fill out the subscription form

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    Publications include scientific papers and reports, product documentation, informative handouts, and posters. 

    Publications Page

    Severe Weather

    NOAA Extreme Weather Information Sheets (NEWIS)

    NOAA Extreme Weather Information Sheets (NEWIS) contain contact information for local, regional, and national organizations that can provide aid and information during tropical storms, hurricanes, and other extreme coastal events. NCEI created these sheets to help residents of coastal states and the two US territories that are particularly at risk from tropical storms and hurricanes.

    Printable PDFs and Contact Tables

    Use and Interpret Data


    Metadata enables data storage, organization, and discovery at NCEI. Learn more about metadata creation,  implementing ISO standards, and using XML. 

    Metadata Page

    Metadata Tools
    Collection Manager

    Maps and Geospatial Products

    Data visualization tools that can display a variety of data types in the same viewing environment, and correlate information and variables with specific locations.

    Ocean Data Formats and Codes

    Storage and output formats and codes for data in the NCEI Ocean Archive Database. This list includes older codes and formats that aren’t actively updated, but can still be used to retrieve data.