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Weather and Climate Quick Links

These links provide quick access to many of NCEI's climate and weather datasets, products, and various web pages and resources.

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Hourly, daily, and monthly climatic data for many U.S. cities.

Certified DataStation List 

Formatted and/or ASCII output of data types, which includes daily, monthly, and yearly temperature, precipitation, and snow records over global land areas; includes Cooperative Observer Program (COOP) data

Certified Data 

As of Jan 2012,GHCN-Daily is now the official archive. As of Dec 2016, GHCN-Monthly and GHCN-Yearly are now in the official archive.

*Certified copies of the original 'COOP' forms (item 3 above) may be purchased by visiting the IPS system


Digital dataset of detailed hourly observational climate data for thousands of locations worldwide.

Severe weather reports on damages, injuries, deaths, and more for U.S. locations

Daily and monthly climatic data for hundreds of locations within a U.S. state.

Climatic averages and extremes for major U.S. cities.

Climatic wind data from NCEI's LCD publication, U.S. Air Force climatic briefs, and more.

Derived from U.S. station data, including the cooperative network, into monthly composite means by climate division.

Global daily climatic data.

The USHCN consists primarily of long-term COOP stations whose monthly temperature records have been adjusted for systematic, non-climatic changes that bias temperature trends.

Climate products from NOAA's Regional Climate Centers (RCCs) and National Weather Service (NWS).