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NCEI data is a unique, authoritative resource for advancing education, not only in science and academia but also at the K-12 level. Education is a significant part of NCEI’s mission, and the following resources are designed to empower teachers and educators to use data in new and exciting ways.

Educator Toolkits

These toolkits provide hands-on activities and online data tools to create an integrated learning experience for each subject area, and support specific Next Generation Science Standards.

Reference Material

Articles, posters, and information sheets that cover research and and data across NCEI.

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Story Maps 

Esri Story Maps present complex scientific or safety information in easy-to-understand terms. They combine maps, narrative text, images, and multimedia with history, to transform data and products into interactive, visual narratives.

NOAA has many educational materials available across a broad spectrum of topics. Use the NOAA Education page to search resources from all over the organization, or refer to the following pages  for curated, subject focused lesson plans, educational videos, games, powerpoints, and other activities.

Oceans and Coasts

NOAA Data in the Classroom 

These interactive modules provide teacher guides, powerpoints, story maps to explore current findings in ocean science. Topics include ocean acidification, El Nino, coral bleaching, water quality, and sea level changes. 

Ocean Today 

This collection of short videos produced by NOAA features topics related to the current state of the ocean, marine life, and the impact of these systems on our lives on-shore.

NEMO Curriculum

The NOAA Enrichment in Marine Sciences and Oceanography (NEMO) curriculum features twenty-three consecutive lesson plans accompanied by PowerPoint slides to support teaching marine science and oceanographic principles to high school students.

Ocean Exploration and Research Education 

The findings and information from NOAA research vessel trips since 2012 have been formatted into lesson plans, videos, and career profiles that are helpful in teaching concepts surrounding the ocean. 

Estuary Education Resources

NOAA’s National Estuarine Research Reserve System has collected this searchable collection of activities, lesson plans, and quizzes to support educators in teaching about the estuary environment.

Weather and Climate 


This kid-friendly website provides meteorology and satellite resources for educators and students alike. To explore topics related to weather, the website contains interactive games, lesson plans, posters, videos, and career profiles.

National Severe Storms Laboratory Learning Resources

Resources that help students understand the impact of severe weather, including informative coloring books, worksheets, interactive sites, and games.

On the site you will find datasets, maps, reports, data products, articles, climate and weather news, and education resources. The educational materials consist of more than 500 reviewed lessons.


This collection of lesson plans gives educators background information, quizzes, posters, and activities to aid demonstrating the major concepts of meteorology and extreme weather.

Marine Geology and Geophysics

NOAA Science on a Sphere

Science on a Sphere is a technology for exploring earth systems on a large scale and can be explored using a free SOS Explorer Mobile application. This application allows for the 3D interaction with select datasets upon a globe that explore the geographic context of topics from the age of the sea floor, to the spread of drought risks.

Solar Physics and Terrestrial Effects 

This teacher curriculum guide is for grades 7-12 and provides NOAA supported background information, demonstrations, class activities, and comprehension questions. The focus of the curriculum is explaining the effects of solar weather on the terrestrial environment through the application of math and physics.


NOAA Student Opportunities 

This searchable directory connects students of all levels, K-12 and university, with NOAA-wide fellowships, scholarships, internships, and camps.

NASA DEVELOP National Program

NASA DEVELOP is a recurring ten-week program across the United States that sets up currently enrolled students, recent graduates, and early or transitioning professionals in collaborative projects in Earth science and remote sensing. These real-world projects inform the science community of the feasibility of projects and provide hands-on experience and professional development to participants. NCEI’s location in Asheville, NC is a host institution for the program.

Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarships

The Hollings Scholarship program funds students for two years of full-time study during their undergraduate career and for a hands-on summer internship within NOAA. This scholarship is only for college sophomores and applications are accepted September through January each year.

EPP/MSI Undergraduate Scholarship Program

The NOAA Education Partnership Program (EPP) with Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) Undergraduate Scholarship is for rising juniors who are attending Minority Serving Institutions within the United States and its territories. The scholarship funds two years of study and two internships at a NOAA office or site including NCEI locations. 

William L. Lapenta NOAA Student Internship

NOAA offers this paid summer internships targeted towards current 2nd and 3rd-year undergraduate and enrolled graduate students to work in areas that will provide robust research and/or operational experience that will prepare the student for further study in NOAA fields, for application to fellowships or for the NOAA-mission workforce. Projects may be focused on research areas or the development of operational products such as decision support tools, climate and weather forecast models, data analysis methodologies, and social science strategies to communicate climate and weather information. Overall, students will focus on areas that will meet the future needs of NOAA’s ever-broadening user community and address strategic weather-water-climate issues.


NOAA Educator Opportunities

This searchable directory connects educators with NOAA-wide grants, conferences, professional development, and workshops.

NOAA Fisheries Educator Opportunities

This site covers unique short-term opportunities for educators to collaborate and work alongside NOAA scientists and engineers aboard NOAA vessels and labs.