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NCEI State of the Services

The State of the Services quarterly and annual reports communicate NCEI's opportunities, stakeholder interactions, and highlights of recent community engagements for the fiscal year (FY) of October 1 to September 30. Topics focus on the utilization of NCEI's scientific research in the world at large.

This report is prepared quarterly to update stakeholders, including parent agencies, interests on Capitol Hill and users, on NCEI engagement activities that align with our stated mission and vision.

NCEI Mission

NCEI provides environmental data, products, and services covering the depths of the ocean to the surface of the sun to drive resilience, prosperity, and equity for current and future generations.

NCEI Vision

Credit: Hudson Hintze

NCEI is a tenacious and trusted leader in providing environmental information for a rapidly changing world with a focus on driving lasting good across our partnerships and economy around the United States and throughout the world.


Current State of the Services