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Archive Data

The goal of archiving data is to preserve data and associated information for future users so they can fully understand and use data independent of the original data producer. To accomplish this goal, the expert knowledge of the data provider must be acquired and preserved with the data. As a steward of the nation's global environmental data and information, NCEI uses a well-defined archival process as shown in the diagram.

Getting Started

NCEI has two options for data archive depending on the data delivery frequency and data volume.

  1. Non-repeating or single delivery data less than 20 GB.
    Submit request to Send2NCEI.
  2. Repeating or multiple delivery data or data greater than 20 GB.
    Submit request to the Advanced Tracking and Resource Tool for Archive Collections (ATRAC).

Instructions are available on these websites.

For more information on NCEI's archival process or if you have questions about which system to use, please email