Climate Data Online Data Tools

The following tools allow alternative methods of accessing the data that is available within Climate Data Online. Some of these are visualization only, while others allow different options such as downloads. Each tool is specialized to a specific dataset or use case. Choose one of the data tools below for access.

Search Across Multiple Datasets

The following tools access data from multiple datasets at once for a unified look at the data available across a geographic region. Data may not be in a standardized format since the datasets available may not have similar formats.

Find a Station

Locate weather observing stations using a variety of parameters such as address, ZIP code, date, and data type with filters by observation type

Select a Location

Order data by weather observing stations or by geographic locations using a simplified drill-down interface with data from U.S. and other countries

Search Within a Single Dataset

The following search tools access data from within a specific dataset. Use these tools to view or order data from within each respective dataset. Data will be in a more standard format across stations or locations.

Climate Normals

View temperature and precipitation Climate Normals for over 9,800 stations across the United States and a selection of other territories

Daily Weather Records

Access summaries of recent global and U.S. daily weather records with options to view monthly, annual, all-time or selected records

Local Climatological Data (LCD)

View and order hourly, daily, and monthly data from nearly 2400 locations within the U.S., surrounding territories, and other selected areas

Marine Data

View and order historical marine data which is comprised of ship, buoy, and platform observations from 1662 to present.

Additional Data Tools

The following links offer access to legacy data tools that are still available online but use a different server or interface.

Storm Events

View data, reports, and photos related to the Storm Events Database

Severe Weather

Access data inventory based on location and timeline graphs

Analysis and Forecast Chart

Search the archive of the Service Records Retention System

Climate Models

Get online access to the inventories of weather and climate models