Gulf of Mexico: Figures Access

Temperature (°C)
Salinity (unitless)
Dissolved Oxygen (µmol/kg)
Percent Oxygen Saturation (%)
Apparent Oxygen Utilization (µmol/kg)
Silicate (µmol/kg)
Phosphate (µmol/kg)
Nitrate (µmol/kg)

The Gulf of Mexico Regional Climatology version 2 consist of 1.0°, 0.25°, and 0.10° mean fields for temperature and salinity, and 1° mean fields for oxygen and other essential oceanographic parameters generated from the World Ocean Database released in 2018.

Temperature and salinity high-resolution decadal climatologies were prepared for six decades of 1955–64, 1965–74, 1975–84, 1985–94, 1995–2004, and 2005–2017 as well as a single climatology for 1955–2017. Oxygen and other oceanographic parameters were assembled as one climatology for 1955–2017.

The Gulf of Mexico Figures contain a collection of JPEG images of objectively analyzed fields and statistics generated from the World Ocean Atlas 2018.

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