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OCADSSynthesisGlobal Surface Ocean Acidification Indicators

Global Surface Ocean Acidification Indicators

This interface allows you to access pre-plotted maps of Global Surface Ocean Acidification Indicators from 1750 to 2100. The complete collection of Global Surface Ocean Acidification Indicators data and the methods employed are available in NetCDF format through the NCEI archive.

1Delta values are calculated as the differences between the real values of the chosen year and their corresponding values in 1850.

2The year represents the decade over which the model output is average to remove inter-annual variability. For example, "2050" refers to the average of the model output from January 2045 to December 2054. "2100" is an exception and was calculated as the average value from Jan. 2095 and Dec. 2099 plus half the difference the average from Jan. 2095 and Dec. 2099 and the average from Jan. 2090 to Dec. 2094.

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