Pacific Adjustments

This page compiles the various lines of evidence for or against adjustment of parameters on each cruise. This evidence may include crossover results, internal consistency checks and calibration information where appropriate. Note that any proposed adjustments are only recommendations and will be applied only to the Pacific summary file at Princeton not the original files stored at the national data facilities. Summary tables of the adjustments for the Pacific data set are given below. Click on the cruise name on the left to view the justification for individual cruises.

Recommended Carbon Adjustments

Sections P8S P16N P17C P17N P2 P31 P16S17S P14N P14S15S EQS92 P18 P21
TCO2 (µmol/kg) aNA +4 aNA -7 -4 aNA aNA aNA aNA aNA aNA aNA
TALK (µmol/kg) +6 bND -9 -12 14 -6 calculate aNA aNA aNA aNA aNA
pH aNA +0.0047 bND bND aNA +0.0047 bND +0.0047 +0.0047 +0.0047 +0.0047 c+0.0047

aNA=No adjustment recommended
bND= No data reported
c+0.0047= Western section only

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