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National Centers for Environmental Information

NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) hosts and provides public access to one of the most significant archives for environmental data on Earth. We provide over 37 petabytes of comprehensive atmospheric, coastal, oceanic, and geophysical data.

Photo of archival document from U.S. Naval Weather Service

January 22, 2021

A recent data submission by the U.S. Navy shows the value of partner organizations.

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January 14, 2021

The global land and ocean temperature departure from average for 2020 was 1.76°F (0.98°C), the second-warmest year on record.

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Headshot of Carrie Wall, Marine Scientist with NCEI

December 22, 2020

Here at NCEI, we aren’t just data—we are people. In our Humans of NCEI series, meet the awesome minds that manage one of the largest archives of atmospheric, coastal, geophysical, and oceanic research in the world. Get to know Carrie Wall, a scientist who leads the national archives for passive acoustic and water-column sonar data. What is your specific area of expertise? I have graduate degrees in Marine Science. My masters research focused on using satellite data to study the linkage between large migratory fish species caught by local fishermen and oceanographic features like ocean temperature, depth, and color. For my Ph.D., I focused on mapping the sound production of red grouper in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Sounds were recorded using stationary recorders and robotic gliders. I heard A LOT of previously undocumented fish sounds. What was your first job? How did it prepare you for your current position? I had a ton of great internships during and after college. However, my first real job would be as an instructor at Vancouver Island University teaching Marine Ecology shortly after completing my dissertation. It was great because I really loved talking to students about the world of marine science and

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Photo of buffalo in a green field

January 21, 2021

According to the January 19 U.S. Drought Monitor, moderate to exceptional drought covers 37.6% of the United States including Puerto Rico.

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NCEI maintains one of the most significant archives on Earth, with comprehensive oceanic, atmospheric, and geophysical data. We archive over 229 terabytes of data each month from over 130 observing platforms.

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NCEI provides access to an extensive archive of environmental data through several platforms. We deliver the climate, coastal, oceanographic, and geophysical data you need in a variety of formats.

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