Historical Observing Metadata Repository

The Historical Observing Metadata Repository (HOMR) is NCEI's integrated station history database that provides in situ or land-based station metadata in support of NCEI research, reporting, data products, and web applications. HOMR tracks detailed information for a variety of weather stations throughout their lifespans, including identifiers, names, locations, observation times, reporting methods, photos, and equipment modifications and siting. Station histories are most extensive for the National Weather Service (NWS) Cooperative Observing Program, and they include officially documented station changes that adhere to an NWS approval process. Use the search below to access these historical station details.

Master Station History Report

The Master Station History Report is a list of basic, historical information for every station in the Station History database. The report includes the primary files below:

MSHR, Enhanced Version

The Enhanced MSHR version contains similar data elements and is in a similar format as the Standard/Legacy MSHR, but the Enhanced MSHR includes additional stations that are included in the GHCN-Daily product. Also, the Enhanced MSHR will incorporate additional station networks, including international stations/networks. The Enhanced MSHR additionally contains an expanded number of items such as station status, additional IDs, alternate station names, NWS region, NWS WFO, all elevations, latitude/longitude precision, and UTC offset. Data elements are in user-friendly formats.

  • emshr_lite [.txt | .zip] / Layout
    Best download for visual report of all stations.
    Last updated 2 weeks ago. Fixed-length flatfile as specified in the reference documentation.
  • mshr_enhanced.txt.zip / Layout / doi
    Best download for input to programs.
    Last updated 2 weeks ago. Fixed-length flatfile as specified in the reference documentation.

Note: The EMSHR layout is subject to change as NCEI adds networks to its station history database and their respective identifiers.

MSHR, Standard Version (DSI-9767)

The Standard/Legacy MSHR, formally identified as the DSI-9767 dataset, is the legacy dataset/report sorted by NCDC Station ID and period of record. This dataset/report includes historical station changes in reported fields generating multiple records for a station where a new record is created for every period in which a reported component for a station is changed. This dataset is continued to be produced to support legacy processing systems.

CCSL, Comprehensive Cooperative Station List

The Comprehensive Cooperative Station List contains a single, minimal entry for each Coop station ID.

  • ccsl.txt / Layout
    Last updated 2 weeks ago. Fixed-length text file as specified in the reference documentation.