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58AA20010527 cruise data references

Jeansson, E., Olsson, K.A., Messias, M.-J., Kasajima, Y., Johannessen, T., Evidence of Greenland Sea water in the Iceland Basin. GRL, In revision, 2008.

M.-J. Messias, A.J. Watson, T. Johannessen, K.I.C. Oliver, K.A. Olsson, E. Fogelqvist, J. Olafsson, S. Bacon, J. Balle, N. Bergman, G. Budeus, M. Danielsen, J.-C. Gascard, E. Jeansson, S.R. Olafsdottir, K. Simonsen, T. Tanhua, K. Van Scoy and J.R. Ledwell. The Greenland Sea tracer experiment 1996-2002: Horizontal mixing and transport of Greenland Sea Intermediate Water. Progress in Oceanography, 78, 85-105, 2008.

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