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The GLODAPv2_2020 Citation

GLODAPv2.2020 is an updated version of the GLODAPv2.2019 data product, which was described in Olsen et al (2019). Much of the data and procedures are therefore described in that paper. Whenever GLODAPv2.2020 is used two papers should be cited: Olsen et al. (2019) and Olsen et al. (2020), where the latter which describes the procedures for the update.

Whenever GLODAPv2.2020 is used, the following citations must be included:

For data and data product: Olsen et al., 2019 and Olsen et al. (2020)

For GLODAPv2 mapped product: Lauvset et al., 2016 and Key et al., 2015

Citing the Earth System Science Data publications is essential as this gives the team traceable citations and also enables tracking of GLODAPv2.2020 use. This is important for justifying and sustaining the effort.


Are Olsen, N. Lange, R. M. Key, T. Tanhua , H. Bittig, A. Kozyr, M. Álvarez , K. Azetsu-Scott, S. Becker, P. J. Brown, B. R. Carter, L. Cotrim da Cunha, R. A. Feely, S. van Heuven, M. Hoppema, M. Ishii, E. Jeansson , S. Jutterström, C. S. Landa, S. K. Lauvset, P. Michaelis, A. Murata, F. F. Pérez , B. Pfeil, C. Schirnick , R. Steinfeldt, T. Suzuki, B. Tilbrook, A. Velo, R. Wanninkhof, and R. J. Woosley. GLODAPv2.2020 - the second update of GLODAPv2, submitted to Earth System Sciences Data.

Olsen, A., Lange, N., Key, R. M., Tanhua, T., Alvarez, M., Becker, S., Bittig, H. C., Carter, B. R., da Cunha, L. C., Feely, R. A., van Heuven, S., Hoppema, M., Ishii, M., Jeansson, E., Jones, S. D., Jutterström, S., Karlsen, M. K., Kozyr, A., Lauvset, S. K., Lo Monaco, C., Murata, A., Perez, F. F., Pfeil, B., Schirnick, C., Steinfeldt, R., Suzuki, T., Telszewski, M., Tilbrook, B., Velo, A., and Wanninkhof, R.: GLODAPv2.2019-an update of GLODAPv2, Earth Syst Sci Data, 11, 1437-1461, 2019.

Olsen, A., R. M. Key, S. van Heuven, S. K. Lauvset, A. Velo, X. Lin, C. Schirnick, A. Kozyr, T. Tanhua, M. Hoppema, S. Jutterström, R. Steinfeldt, E. Jeansson, M. Ishii, F. F. Pérez and T. Suzuki. The Global Ocean Data Analysis Project version 2 (GLODAPv2) – an internally consistent data product for the world ocean, Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 8, 297–323, 2016, doi:10.5194/essd-8-297-2016.

Lauvset, S. K, R. M. Key, A. Olsen, S. van Heuven, A. Velo, X. Lin, C. Schirnick, A. Kozyr, T. Tanhua, M. Hoppema, S. Jutterström, R. Steinfeldt, E. Jeansson, M. Ishii, F. F. Pérez, T. Suzuki and S. Watelet. A new global interior ocean mapped climatology: the 1°x1° GLODAP version 2, Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 8, 325–340, 2016, doi:10.5194/essd-8-325-2016.

If you make heavy use of data from a single cruise or a limited set, please contact the PIs for possible collaboration. The PIs normally possess insight on context and data, and collaboration leading to co-authorships promotes further sharing of data

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