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Atlantic Ocean Cruise Summary

Section No EXPOCODE Ship Dates Total Stations TCO2 Stations TALK Stations CFC Stations 14C Stations Chief Scientist Carbon PI CFC PI 14C PI
A01E 1 06MT18_1 Meteor 9/2 - 9/26/91 57b 30c 0d 0 13 J.Meincke L.Mintrop
W.Roether R.Bayer
A01EW 2 06MT30_3 Meteor 11/15 - 12/19/94 61b 0s 0s 51 0ax J.Meincke B.Schnider
A01W 3 18HU95011_1 Hudson 6/7 - 7/5/95 61b 51 0d 55 0 J.Lazier P.Jones R.Gershey NA
AR07W* 4 18HU98023_1 Hudson 6/22 - 7/9/98 40e 23 23 22 0 P.Jones P.Jones
A02* 5 06MT30_2 Meteor 10/12 - 11/12/94 52b 0s 0s 44 10 K.P. Kolterman L.Mintrop
W.Roether R.Bayer
A02 6 06MT39_3 Meteor 6/11 - 7/3/97 65b 34 33 53 0 K.P. Kolterman D.Wallace Unknown NA
A03 7 90CT40_1 Multanovsky 9/11 - 11/21/93 124b 0 0 0 0 V.Tereschenkov NA NA NA
A05*,f 8 31RBOACES24N_2 Brown 1/24 - 2/23/98 130g 126 122 76 0ay K.Lee
J.Bullister P.Quay
A05 9 29HE06_1-3 Hesperides 7/14 - 8/15/92 111b 33h 33h 65 8i J.Parrilla F.Millero
W.Smethie W.Broecker
A06 10 35A3CITHER1_2 L'Atalante 2/13 - 3/19/93 84b 0j 0d 52 0 C.Colin C.Oudot C.Andrie NA
A07 11 35A3CITHER1_1 L'Atalante 1/2 - 2/10/93 119b 0j 0d 87 0 A.Moliere C.Oudot C.Andrie NA
A08* 12 06MT28_1 Meteor 3/29 - 5/11/94 126b 50k 50k 70 0 T.Mueller D.Wallace A.Putzka NA
A09* 13 06MT15_3 Meteor 2/10 - 3/23/91 111b 30l 7l 70 4 G.Siedler C.Goyet
D.Wallace Unknown
A10* 14 06MT22_5 Meteor 12/27/92 - 1/31/93 112b 55m 25m 76 5 T.Mueller L.Mintrop
W.Roether Unknown
A11 15 74DI199_1 Discovery 12/22/92 - 2/1/93 91b 0 0 44 0 P.Saunders NA Smythe-Wright NA
A21/A12*,az 16 06MT11_5 Meteor 1/23 - 3/8/90 78b 77n 77n 66 18 W.Roether T.Takahashi W.Roether P.Schlosser
A12 17 06AQANTX_4 Polarstern 5/21 - 8/5/92 98b 53 0 81 0 P.Lemke M.Hoppema W.Roether NA
S4A(A12) 18 06AQANTXIII_4 Polarstern 3/17 - 5/20/96 100b 90ba 0 92 0 E.Fahrbach M.Hoppema A.Watson NA
A13* 19 35A3CITHER3_2 L'Atalante 2/22 - 4/2/95 135b 49 46 134 0 M.Arhan L.Bingler
L.Memery NA
A14* 20 35A3CITHER3_1 L'Atalante 1/11 - 2/11/95 107b 53p 102 102 0 H.Mercier L.Bingler
L.Memery NA
A15* 21 316N142_3 Knorr 4/3 - 5/21/94 148b 93 93 81 0 W.Smethie
C.Goyet W.Smethie NA
A16Sbb 22 OACES91_1-2 Baldridge 7/11 - 9/2/91 33bc 33 32 0 0 D.Atwood F.Millero
A16N*,bb 23 OACES93 Baldridge 7/4 - 8/29/93 81bd 81 79 80 0be R.Wanninkhof F.Millero
J.Bullister P.Quay
A17* 24 3230CITHER2_1-2 M. Ewing 1/4 - 3/21/94 234b 145aw 90 226 0 L.Memery D.Wallace
D.Wallace NA
A20* 25 316N151_3 Knorr 7/17 - 8/10/97 90b 79q 90q 83 13r R.Pickart F.Millero
W.Smethie R.Key
A22* 26 316N151_4 Knorr 8/15 - 9/3/97 77b 51q 59q 75 11r T.Joyce F.Millero
W.Smethie R.Key
A23 27 74JC10_1 J.C. Ross 3/20 - 5/6/95 127b 0j 0 99 0 K.Heywood
J.Robertson A.Watson NA
A24* 28 316N151_2 Knorr 5/30 - 7/5/97 153b 143q 144q 131 0 L.Talley F.Millero
R.Weiss NA
A25 29 74DI230_1 Discovery 8/7 - 9/17/97 142b 0as 0as 119 0 S.Bacon M.Rodriguez Smythe-Wright NA
AR24 30 316N147_2 Knorr 11/2 - 12/3/96 188e 54q 55q 0 0 M.McCartney F.Millero
SR02 31 06AQANTVIII_2 Polarstern 9/6/89 - 10/30/89 86b 0 0 0s 0s E.Fahrbach NA Unknown Unknown
SR04bj 32 06AQANTX_7 Polarstern 12/3/92 - 1/22/93 78b 65bi 0 0 0 E.Fahrbach M.Hoppema NA NA
I06St 33 35MFCIVA_1 M. Dufresne 1/23 - 3/9/93 52b 52 52 52 8v A.Poisson A.Poisson A.Poisson M.Arnold
I6Sb*,t 34 35MF103_1 M. Dufresne 2/20 - 3/22/1996 55b 55 55 54 0 A.Poisson A.Poisson A.Poisson NA
A12/A13bf 35 316N83_a,c Knorr 10/7/83 - 2/19/84 137w 105x 103x 132y 0 J.Reid
T.Takahashi R.Weiss NA
ANT V-2,3 36 06AQANTV_2,3 Polarstern 6/27-12/14/86 164z 58z 58z 29z 20z E.Augstein
T.Takahashi R.Weiss P.Schlosser
ARC 37 316N83_b Knorr 11/13 - 12/10/83 84aa 0 0 0 0 A.Gordon NA NA NA
A3 38 3IAN109_1 Atlantis II 6/12 - 7/8/81 101ab, au 0 0 0 0 C.Wunsch NA NA NA
Marathon7 39 31WT847 T. Washington 10/1 - 10/22/84 64ac 0 0 63bh 0 A.Gordon NA W.Smethie NA
A20 40 32OC133 Oceanus 5/1 - 5/17/83 94ab 0 0 0 0 M.McCartney NA NA NA
A16Nad 41 32OC202_1-2 Oceanus 7/23 - 8/27/88 129b 0 0 78 0 M.McCartney NA J.Bullister NA
WEPOLEX 42 M. Somov 10/9/82 - 11/25/82 24ae 0 24ae 0 0 A. Gordon
E. Sarukhanyan
C.Chen NA NA
GEOSECS 43 Leg 1
Leg 2
Leg 3
Leg 4
Leg 5
Leg 6
Leg 7
Leg 8
Leg 9
Knorr 7/18/72 - 4/1/73 114af 58af 58af 0 41ag D.Spencer
A16N 44 06MT56_5 Meteor 3/28 - 4/23/81 29 0 0 0 10ah,bg W.Roether NA NA W.Roether
Knorr 4/1 - 10/19/81 247ai 164aj 164aj 0 62ak P.Brewer
NA G.Ostlund
Knorr 12/1/82 - 2/18/83 110al 102aj 102aj 0am 39ak J.Sarmiento
T.Takahashi R.Weiss G.Ostlund
WBEX 47 316NXXX Knorr 4/24 - 5/18/86 51an 0 0 51ao 0 W.Jenkins NA W.Smethie NA
SAVE 48 318MSAVE_1-5
11/23/87 - 3/8/89
3/13 - 4/19/89
370ap 360ap 299ap 348 77aq T.Takahashi
T.Takahashi R.Weiss

*Cruise data used in calculating anthropogenic CO2
aCalibration details for carbon measurements are in Wanninkhof et al. 2003
bCruise report available at WHPO Web site. These cruise reports include the final data reports written specifically for CFCs, carbon measurements and both large volume and small volume radiocarbon measurements
cSee Johnson et al. 1996
dAlkalinity measurements from this cruise deleted from merged data set
fNot listed by WHP as a WOCE cruise
gSee Peltola et al. 1998
hSee Millero et al. 2000
iSee Severinghaus et al. 1996
jTCO2 measurements from this cruise deleted from merged data set
kSee Johnson et al. 2002b
lSee Johnson et al. 1995
mSee Johnson et al. 1998b
nSee Chipman et al. 1994
pSee Rios et al. 2003 for independent estimates of anthropogenic CO2 for this section
qSee Johnson et al. 2003
rSee Elder 2002
sWHP indicates that samples collected, but not yet reported
tIndian Ocean cruise additionally listed here to provide data closure at the southeastern boundary
vSee Leboucher et al. 1999
wSee ODF 1985
xSee Chipman et al. 1986
ySee Weiss et al. 1990
zHydrographic data received from Bruce Huber, LDEO; nutrient data received from L. Gordon, Oregon State Univ.; carbon data received from Taro Takahashi, LDEO; calculated alkalinity values are from R.Wanninkhof, NOAA/AOML; P.Schlosser isotope data and R.Weiss CFC data received from B.Kromer
aaARC (Agulhas Retroflection Cruise) data received from B.Huber and B.Haines, LDEO
abData received from L.Talley, SIO; see also Woods Hole data Report WHOI 85-38
acData received from B.Huber and B.Haines, LDEO
adListed by WHP as official occupation of the A16N line
aeSee Chen 1987, Gordon et al. 1984, and Gordon and Huber 1984
afSee Bainbridge 1981
agSee Ostlund et al. 1987
ahData received from B.Kromer
aiSee ODF 1986a
ajSee Brewer et al. 1986
akSee Ostlund and Grall 1987
alSee ODF, 1986b
amData not yet obtained; See Weiss et al. 1991
anSee Key et al. 1990; this report only includes results from large volume casts, but rosette samples are also in the data file
aoData received from W.Smethie
apSee ODF, 1992a,b,c
akSee Ostlund and Grall 1992
asNo data available, see Alvarez et al. 2003
atHydros 4 was officially an independent cruise, however it is frequently merged with the SAVE cruises, as is done here
auRoemmich and Wunsch 1985
avU.S-U.S.S.R Weddell Polynya Expedition
awAccording to the comparison between TALK measured on A17 and recent cruises (CITHER-3, FICARAM-2, and FICARAM-3), the PIs recommend a correction of -8 µmol/kg for all TALK measurements (Rios et al. 2005, NDP-084)
axData now available from WHPO
ayNOSAMS data report #04-002, values now available from
azThis cruise frequently included as part of SAVE collection
baData received from M.Hoppema via B.Huss. Submitted to WHPO 08/12/05
bbData from
bcSee Forde et al. 1994
bdSee Castle et al. 1998
beMeasurements completed 12/04, data will soon be available from
bfCommonly known as AJAX Expedition
bgSee Schlitzer et al. 1985
bhSee Smethie 1993
biSee Hoppema et al. 1995, 1997, 1998; Robinson and Williams 1991
bjCorrected longitudes for a few stations available from CCHDO


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