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OCADSAccess DataNDP-080NDP-080 - Acronyms


Acronym Definition
A/D analog-to-digital
ADCP acoustic Doppler current profiler
ALACE autonomous Lagrangian circulation explorer
BOD biological oxygen demand
BNL Brookhaven National Laboratory
14C radiocarbon
CALFAC calibration factor
CDIAC Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center
CFC chlorofluorocarbon
CO2 carbon dioxide
CTD conductivity, temperature, and depth sensor
CRM certified reference material
d.f. degree of freedom
DIW deionized water
DOE U.S. Department of Energy
EEZ Exclusive Economic Zone
emf electro-magnetic fields
EXPOCODE expedition code
FSI Falmouth Scientific Instruments
fCO2 fugacity of CO2
FTP file transfer protocol
GO General Oceanics
GMT Greenwich mean time
GPS global positioning system
HCl hydrochloric acid
IAPSO International Association for the Physical Sciences of the Ocean
IMET Improved METeorology
I/O input-output
JGOFS Joint Global Ocean Flux Study
kn knots
ADCP lowered ADCP
LDEO Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
MATS Miami University alkalinity titration systems
NBIS Neil Brown Instrument system
NCSU North Carolina State University
NDP numeric data package
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
nm nautical mile
NSF National Science Foundation
ODF Ocean Data Facility
ONR Office of Naval Research
OSU Oregon State University
PC personal computer
PI principal investigator
POC particulate organic carbon
PMEL Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
PU Princeton University
QA quality assurance
QC quality control
R/V research vessel
RSMAS Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
SIO Scripps Institution of Oceanography
SOMMA single-operator multiparameter metabolic analyzer
SSW standard seawater
TAMU Texas A&M University
TALK total alkalinity
TCO2 total carbon dioxide
TD to-deliver
UH University of Hawaii
UM University of Miami
UW University of Washington
VFC voltage to frequency converter
WHOI Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
WHPO WOCE Hydrographic Program Office
WOCE World Ocean Circulation Experiment
WHP WOCE Hydrographic Program
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