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OCADSAccess DataNDP-080NDP-080 - Table 2

Table 2

Dates, ports of call, expedition codes (EXPOCODEs), and names of chief scientists during Indian Ocean CO2 survey cruises

Section Start Date Finish Date From To EXPOCODE Chief Scientist
I8SI9S 12/01/94 01/19/95 Fremantle Fremantle 316N145_5 M. McCartney (WHOI)
I9N 01/24/95 03/06/9 Fremantle Colombo 316N145_6 A. Gordon (LDEO)
I8NI5E 03/10/95 04/16/95 Colombo Fremantle 316N145__7 L. Talley (SIO)
I3 04/20/95 06/07/95 Fremantle Port Louis 316N145_8 W. Nowlin (TAMU)
I5WI4 06/11/95 07/11/95 Port Louis Port Louis 316N145_9 J. Toole (WHOI)
I7N 07/15/95 08/24/95 Port Louis Muscat 316N145_10 D. Olson (RSMAS)
I1 08/29/95 10/18/95 Muscat Singapore 316N145_11,12 J. Morrison (NCSU)
I10 11/06/95 11/24/95 Dampier Singapore 316N145_13 N. Bray (SIO)
I2 11/28/95 01/22/96 Singapore Mombasa 316N145_14,15 G. Johnson (PMEL)

Participating institutions:

LDEO  -  Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
NCSU  -  North Carolina State University
PMEL  -  Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
RSMAS  -  Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
SIO  -  Scripps Institution of Oceanography
WHOI  -  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
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