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World Ocean Database / WOD Codes / b_11_weight_method

WOD code table: b_11_weight_method

code_name Weight method
units WOD code
1 TOTAL CATCH; wet weight of the total catch Bogorov
2 BOFS PROTOCOL; BOFS mesomass ashfree drywgt protocol
3 ZOOPLANKTON CALCULATED; Individual weight of organisms calculated from body length using tables of Standard Weights (Kanaeva 1962; Shmeleva 1963; Kryilov 1968; Gruzov 1970) or nomograms (Chislenko 1968)
4 PHYTOPLANKTON CALCULATED; Biomasses of phytoplankton algae were calculated considering cells' volumes by equating real or average volumes of cells to corresponding geometric figures
1001 PRIME ("carbon"); No other info