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World Ocean Database / Code Tables

Code tables necessary to use the World Ocean Database data

You may view an '.html' file or download a '.csv' version of the code tables.

Primary investigator list csv
Country list csv
Depth dependent variables list csv
Quality Control Flags csv
WOD Datasets list csv

Code Table Key

Each file name starts with one of the letters, denoting the type of code table followed by the code table number within that type and a brief descriptive name for the code table.

Second header code tables Top
s_1_accession csv
s_2_project csv
s_3_platform csv
s_4_institute csv
s_5_cast/tow_number n/a
s_6_station_number n/a
s_7_orig_station_number n/a
s_8_depth_precision n/a
s_9_weather_station csv
s_10_bottom_depth n/a
s_11_cast_duration n/a
s_12_cast_direction csv
s_13_high_resolution_pairs n/a
s_14_water_color csv
s_15_water_transparency n/a
s_16_wave_direction csv
s_17_wave_height csv
s_18_sea_state csv
s_19_wind_force csv
s_20_wave_period csv
s_21_wind_direction csv
s_22_wind_speed n/a
s_23_barometric_pressure n/a
s_24_dry_bulb_temperature n/a
s_25_wet_bulb_temperature n/a
s_26_weather_condition csv
s_27_cloud_type csv
s_28_cloud_cover csv
s_29_probe_type csv
s_30_calibration_depth n/a
s_31_calibration_temperature n/a
s_32_recorder csv
s_33_depth_correction n/a
s_34_bottom_hit n/a
s_35_digitization_method csv
s_36_digitization_interval csv
s_37_data_storage csv
s_38_trace_correction n/a
s_39_temperature_correction n/a
s_40_ref_instrument csv
s_41_visibility csv
s_45_absolute_humidity n/a
s_46_reference/sea_surface_temperature n/a
s_47_sea_surface_salinity n/a
s_48_year_probe_was_manufactured n/a
s_49_ship_speed_when_probe_was_dropped n/a
s_54_needs_depth_fix csv
s_71_real_time n/a
s_74_ocean_vehicle csv
s_77_xCO2_atmospheric n/a
s_84_argos_fix csv
s_85_argos_time_from_last_fix n/a
s_86_argos_time_to_next_fix n/a
s_87_height_xbt_launch n/a
s_88_sea_surface_sensor_depth n/a
s_91_database_id csv
s_92_ukho_ref csv
s_93_consecutive_prof_tow_segment n/a
s_94_wmo_code_id n/a
s_95_depth_unit csv
s_96_origflagset csv
s_97_sampler csv
s_98_argos_id_number n/a
s_99_time_stamp n/a
Variable specific code tables Top
v_1_accession csv
v_2_project csv
v_3_scale csv
v_4_institute csv
v_5_instrument csv
v_6_methods csv
v_8_orig_units csv
v_10_equilibrator_type csv
v_11_filter_type_and_size csv
v_12_incubation_time csv
v_13_co2_sea_warming n/a
v_15_analysis_temperature n/a
v_16_uncalibrated n/a
v_17_contains_nitrite n/a
v_18_normal_sea_water_batch n/a
v_19_adjustment n/a
v_23_prime_min_depth n/a
Biological code tables Top
b_1_water_volume_filtered n/a
b_2_sampling_duration n/a
b_3_mesh_size n/a
b_4_type_tow csv
b_5_large_removed_volume n/a
b_6_large_removed csv
b_7_gear_and_flowmeter csv
b_8_sampler_volume n/a
b_9_net_mouth_area n/a
b_10_preservation_method csv
b_11_weight_method csv
b_12_large_removed_length n/a
b_13_count_method csv
b_14_tow_distance n/a
b_15_average_tow_speed n/a
b_16_sampling_start_time n/a
b_18_flowmeter_type n/a
b_19_flowmeter_calibration csv
b_20_counting_institute csv
b_21_voucher_institute csv
b_22_wire_angle_start n/a
b_23_wire_angle_end n/a
b_24_depth_determined csv
b_25_volume_method csv
b_30_accession csv
Taxa specific code tables Top
t_1_taxa_list csv
t_2_upper_depth n/a
t_3_lower_depth n/a
t_4_biomass_value n/a
t_5_taxon_lifestage csv
t_6_taxon_sex csv
t_7_taxon_presence_abundance csv
t_8_taxon_trophic_level csv
t_9_taxon_realm csv
t_10_taxon_count n/a
t_11_sample_specific_volume n/a
t_12_taxon_volume n/a
t_13_taxon_wet_weight n/a
t_14_taxon_dry_weight n/a
t_15_taxon_ash_free_weight n/a
t_16_taxon_feature csv
t_17_taxon_modifier csv
t_18_size_min csv
t_19_size_max csv
t_20_units csv
t_21_taxon_radius n/a
t_22_taxon_length n/a
t_23_taxon_width n/a
t_25_taxon_carbon_content n/a
t_26_count_method csv
t_27_cbv_value csv
t_28_cbv_calculation_method csv
t_30_biologial_group csv