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World Ocean Database / WOD Codes / Depth-dependent variables in WOD

WOD code table: Depth-dependent variables in WOD

Code Parameter WOD standard unit or scale (nominal abbreviation) Dataset(s) where variable(s) is/are stored (nominal abbreviations)
1 Temperature Degrees Celsius (°C) OSD; CTD; MBT; XBT; SUR; APB; MRB; PFL; UOR; DRB; GLD
2 Salinity Dimensionless (unitless) OSD;CTD; SUR; MRB; PFL; UOR; DRB; GLD
3 Oxygen [O2] Micromole per kilogram (µmol/kg) OSD; CTD; PFL; UOR; DRB; GLD
4 Phosphate [HPO4-2] Micromole per kilogram (µmol/kg) OSD
6 Silicate [Si(OH)4] Micromole per kilogram (µmol/kg) OSD
8 Nitrate [NO3-] and Nitrate+Nitrite Micromole per kilogram (µmol/kg) OSD
9 pH Dimensionless OSD; SUR
11 Total Chlorophyll [Chl] unless specified Microgram per liter (µg l-1) OSD; CTD; SUR; PFL; UOR; DRB; GLD
17 Alkalinity [TALK] unless specified Milliequivalent per liter (meq l-1) OSD; SUR
20 Partial pressure of carbon dioxide [pCO2] Microatmosphere (µatm) OSD; SUR
21 Dissolved Inorganic carbon [DIC] Millimole per liter (mM) OSD
24 Transmissivity (BAC)1 Per meter (m-1) CTD; PFL; DRB; UOR; GLD
25 Pressure Decibar OSD; CTD; UOR; GLD; PFL; DRB;
26 Air temperature Degree Celsius (°C) SUR
27 CO2warming Degree Celsius (°C) SUR
28 xCO2atmosphere Parts per million (ppm) SUR
29 Air pressure Millibar (mbar) SUR
30 Latitude3 Degrees SUR; APB; UOR
31 Longitude3 Degrees SUR; APB; UOR
32 Julian year-day2;3 Day SUR; APB; UOR
33 Tritium [3H] Tritium Unit (TU) OSD
34 Helium [He] Nanomole per kilogram (nmol/kg) OSD
35 Delta Helium-3 [3He] Percent (%) OSD
36 Delta Carbon-14 [14C] Per mille (0/00) OSD
37 Delta Carbon-13 [13C] Per mille (0/00) OSD
38 Argon [Ar] Nanomole per kilogram (nmol/kg) OSD
39 Neon [Ne] Nanomole per kilogram (nmol/kg) OSD
40 Chlorofluorocarbon 11 (CFC 11) Picomole per kilogram (pmol/kg) OSD
41 Chlorofluorocarbon 12 (CFC 12) Picomole per liter (pmol/kg) OSD
42 Chlorofluorocarbon 113 (CFC113) Picomole per liter (pmol/kg) OSD
43 Delta Oxygen-18 [18O] Per mille (0/00) OSD
1 Beam Attenuation Coefficient
2 Julian year-day is the decimal day for the year in which the observations were made (see Section I. F7)
3 Codes: 30; 31; and 32 (latitude; longitude; and Julian year-day respectively) are not depth-dependent variables and are not in WODselect.