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Pathfinder Sea Surface Temperature CDR

The Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) Pathfinder Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Climate Data Record (CDR) is a collection of global, twice-daily (Day and Night) 4km sea surface temperature (SST) data produced by NCEI. Level 3C processed data (L3C) is generated with measurements combined from a single instrument into a space-time grid. The dataset was computed with data from the AVHRR instruments on board NOAA's polar orbiting satellite series using a modern system based on SeaDAS Version 6.4.

Principal Investigator

Xuepeng Tom Zhao, NOAA NCEI

Project Page

Sea Surface Temperature - Pathfinder


Cite dataset when used as a source. See the dataset's landing page for citation details at doi:10.7289/V52J68XX.

Data Access
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